A sterno-can-explosion of dirty acoustic blues, grimy desert rock, and seedy backwoods country fueled by liquor, regret and broken dreams.”


Diesel Boots is a singer/songwriter from the place where country and blues split a jug of whiskey on a moonless night. He was born Collyn McCoy among the pines of New Hampshire. At the age of 22 he packed his Ford pickup and set out for Los Angeles, where his skills as both a bassist and bottleneck guitarist made him an in-demand session musician. As a sideman and leader he has toured the world playing everything from jazz to doom metal.


“Diesel Boots” was summoned by McCoy to battle his demons, both literal and figurative. Stylistically his music draws from Delta blues, old-time country and psychedelic rock – equal parts Howlin’ Wolf, Townes Van Zandt and Roky Erickson. Performing as Diesel Boots forces him to plunge headlong into the depths of his own tragedies, misdeeds and mistakes to find hope there within the darkness.

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